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The Backs of My Eyelids

4 June
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I'm 19, I'm in college, and I'm close to going insane.

I am a part-time priestess with two identities - one is Atherine, who in obessed with men. The other is Keisu, who wears crusader armor, has a holier-than-thou attitude, and enjoys twilling (the crafting of religious jewelry). Keisu is also 6' 7" tall and is an elf.

I want to be a graphic design major and work in advertising. T_T I want to, dangit!!

I thought I had something else to write here but forgot it. Oh wells. None of you care anyhow. Go away! I love you! What?

my pet!

bananas....and..stuff., crafty things, frosted mini spooners, muffins, my wives-in-law, ninjas, oh, pirates, swedish meatball 4 1/2, zombies