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27th-Mar-2008 08:02 pm - Wedding Pictures
It'sa slideshow! Yaaay!

28th-Feb-2008 07:30 pm - Ah, Civilization.
Yes, we finally (finally) got internet. Being out in the boonies didn't help that much. >.< We weren't able to get DSL or anything cheap-ish so we had to save up a little money to pay for wireless installation. But yay! I can communicate with you all through the oh-so-fancy world wide web! I may be exaggerating. But you try going without internet for 3 months and see how excited you get when you can finally do silly things like write on your weblog again.

Uhumm...okay. So much has happened.

Well, I'm married now. You all know that. I absolutely love married life (except for the money stuff - er - we just have alot less of it with the more bills and things, but we're getting along so it's all good) - Chris is wonderful, he makes me very happy. I do believe he will every day of our lives together, too.
I'm still working for Walgreen's (one in Kokomo) - it's a half hour drive from home though, which kinda sucks. I've been trying to get into the pharmacy in Marion but alas, they're fully staffed. Dern Walgreen's. I loved my store back in Michigan, but these guys around here don't really care about me - or any of the other employees for that matter. Oh yeah, I'm not even in the pharmacy at the store I'm working at - which sucks - because I had just become elligible for going for certification. Long story short - Marion hired me, then realized they couldn't afford it - so a more different Kokomo store hired me in the pharmacy - I worked there for two weeks and then all of a sudden they were all "Crap - where's your license?" and I'm like, "License? Why, we didn't need one in Michigan." "Well you do here. Here's the forms, we'll sign 'em saying you know what you're doing, you just send them in to the Indiana License Bureau whatchacallit - you can work up front at this other store and then once you get your license you can come back to our pharmacy." "Kay."
So I did that, got my license, gave it to them, and they were all, "Cool, we'll start scheduling you." Nope, no scheduling. Turns out the store I was helping out for a few weeks decided to hold me captive indefinitely at the front register - despite attempts from their own pharmacy manager trying to get me to work in their pharmacy, too. I'm still there. And still tapping my foot waiting to get a chance to work in the pharmacy again. Which, obviously, they're making no attempt to do. So, I'm thinking of leaving the company - since I'm licensed now, at least other companies will know I know a thing or two.

Oh! I'm playing Guild Wars now. Just started, actually. My character's name is Atherine Eteweo (of course) - but she is a Mesmer/Necromancer. I likes it alot.

I will slowly but surely start trying to check everyone's Xangas, Livejournals, Facebook, and DeviantArt, but so much time going by it is intimidating x.X so it may take me a little while.

Speaking of Xanga, Livejournal, Facebook, and Deviantart, I had an idea for all of you H folk. But I will save that for another entry, seeing as how most of you will read the first bit and probably get bored and not read my whole long huge entry.

I miss everyone. Those of you who were at the wedding - Thank you. For being there, for your help, and just for being my friends. It was really great so many of you were able to come and be a part of that moment.
JD should have the pictures done soon, I can't wait to post them (although all of them on here would be messy, I'll probably make a slideshow for ya'll or something.)

If anyone wants to come visit, we have a spare futon/bed. Let me know, I'll give ya directions. We love company.
I'd better stop talking now. It's nice to be back! ^^
24th-Nov-2007 03:46 pm - Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving at home was nice,
I woke up bright and early to help my mom cook, and like every year, I cooked half the food/baked half the desserts and she made the other half of them.  It was a rather lonely Thanksgiving, my brother wasn't home, but it was still pleasant with just my Mom and Dad and I. 
We had a nice dinner, nice dessert (it is such a beautiful pie!)

and a nice nap, before bringing out our Christmas decorations.  Every year, as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is done and we've all rested, we start decorating for Christmas - starting with the tree.  We went out to the garage to get the tree, and something almost magical happened.   Right then, it started snowing.  Our first snow of the year.  And then I realized, Christmas was almost here.  And that means my wedding is almost here.  And being there, and realizing that, made me very, very happy.

Then of course, the next day was Black Friday.  And we left at 6:30 am to go shopping.
It was alot of fun.  I got lots of fun things for the house and some DVDs and things (season 4 of Monk for $15- wooot!), a Christmas tree and some ornaments for it to decorate with.  Then we went home and napped and my parents surprised me with an early wedding present - $1000 worth of furniture from Art Van.  So we picked out a dining set and a queen sized pillowtop bed...huzzzaaah!  I was so excited.  They are so beautiful/comfortable.

(This is the dining set I picked out, but the seats are tannish instead of that pinky color.  It's called Morocco style.  :3)

Afterwards I went right to work for the rest of the night.  That was also nice, though.  We were extremely slow and spent half the evening sitting around and talking.  Chirag, one of the pharmacists, told me how to make authentic Indian-style chai and gave me some chai tea to try it with.  I'm excited to try it.  It smells so delicious. ^^

So all in all Thanksgiving was nice.  It was sad not having Wes around, though.

One more week, and I'm moving.  So excited.  Yaaaaay!~

8th-Oct-2007 09:48 pm - My Anime List
My fiance showed me this site, it's alot of fun. :o
Basically it's a profile for all of the anime you've watched, are watching, dropped, or plan to watch someday. Plus you can write reviews and reccomend anime to other users, show off your favorite characters and voice actors, write blogs...basically, a Flixster for anime lovers. Hehe.

Check my profile/list here:
My Anime List Profile
23rd-Sep-2007 08:46 pm - It's finished!
I don't know if I ever mentioned this to any of you, but when Chris was here visiting a couple of months ago, we went to a garage sale next door...where we found this cute little table-thing (which was actually a piece of a shelving unit or something) for just $4. 
Well, when I saw it, I just had to have it because...
I thought it would make a perfect dining table for us.

Now, Chris and I are going to have alot of hand-me-down furniture and things for after we are married, but a table to eat at was something we were definitely not going to get.  >.>

So, I asked my dad to help me pull out these annoying metal pokey bars sticking out of the feet of our table, spray painted it black, and then painted some bamboo on it.

For under $20 total, we have our dining table.  A short little Japanese one you kneel at, but a table nonetheless.  And with our fascination with practically anything Japanese, it was perfect for us.

I have no idea if it's culturally accurate, size wise (I know often the tables are heated and such), but it is a good height to kneel at.
Here are some pictures:

And yes, I am wearing funny blue sequin sandals with my socks on.  What of it?  >.>
It's in the garage right now, by the way.  Hence the icky background.

A few weeks ago, I bought some bamboo wall decals from Ikea that looks like you have bamboo painted on the wall (honestly, you can't even tell it's not paint until you go up super close).  It should look muchly nicer with that on the wall behind it, in a room that's not oil-stand and junk-strewn.  Hehe.

I plan on either buying/making some cushions to sit on around it, too.  I would buy some real zabuton cushions but...those things are expensive.  Maybe someday.  ^^;
17th-Sep-2007 01:50 am - A cup of cider.
This evening, I decided to sip on hot cider, because it seems Fall has come already. It's something I started years ago, to concede the beginning of the season with a steaming mug of cider, to feel its warmth contrast against the chilled air outside.
I felt it today, the cool winds of change as the trees became freckled with color.

The beginning of Autumn always makes me happy. Today, however, I felt more than happiness. I felt a new season of my life.
Everything is changing. Within a matter of months, I'll begin a new life. I'll be completely out of my comfort zone, trusting God, and completely happy with Chris at my side. It will be hard, I'm sure...but amongst all of the fears of change, I have this creeping feeling that what is coming will be beyond words.
We're growing up.
We may be going into ministry together.
And it seems our friends are in the same boat, in some ways.

How interesting it is, how the Lord plans the seasons of our lives.
15th-Sep-2007 11:56 pm - Is that Your will, God?
That question has been running through my mind all evening.

Chris and I basically stumbled across a situation that may, if it works out, secure our future together, his ministry, and my career.  And also, make our dreams come true in the process.
It seems perfect, so perfect, that it seems like this could only come from God.
But then comes the question.  Is it really His will?  Will it work out?

We can only pray, and do everything we can until He speaks to us.

I am trying my darndest not to get too excited about this...but it's amazing.

14th-Sep-2007 12:00 am - What's New
Weeell, last weekend I visited IWU. 
That was great.

It started off with wedding plannings, seeing the beautiful humongous new church we're going to get married in (there will be a waterfall o.O), picking out flowers (while Chris tells the flower lady the Lord commanded him to dance), and then, heading to campus where I got to see all of my friiiiieeeendsss!  Well not all.  But alot.

It was alot of fun.  We played Taiko Drum Master, hung out, ate foods, watched Hyate the Combat butler, and stuck our hands in giant jars of olives (not in that order).

Eeeyeah.  I dunno, it was just fun.  I miss that atmosphere.

I've been watching alot of X lately, rewatching what I've seen in order to finish it.  What an intense anime. 
Also, I've been reading "Grace in Thine Eyes" which, as corny as it sounds, is part of a series of Christian novels I've been reading that are just...great.

I also started playing Phantasy Star Online with Chris, Ryan, Steve, and the others.  It's funness.

The AthLi & Co site is coming along well...I've also made a new pirate outfit.

That said, I'm off to give everyone their daily vicodin fix.  Huzzah!

17th-Aug-2007 11:04 pm - Introduction
This is a story I started working on awhile ago that I'm trying to re-write. All's I have is the intro, so far. I'm just going to post it on LJ for now... but umm, any feedback would be welcome. ^^

            Once, our world, Terrene, was empty - with the exception of some unimportant plants and animals that, primarily, just kept things fresh and running properly.  On one particularly extraordinary day roughly 2,570 years ago, four beautiful, majestic women arrived on Terrene, on a continent that would later be called Ershin.  Many scientists believe these women were extraterrestrials, for they held an almost infinite power to do, well, magic, we would call it.  The most popular and accepted belief, however, is that they were, and are, goddesses. 

            These goddesses are called The Elements, for each of the women who arrived on that day held the power of a particular element present in the world of Terrene.  The first was named Pyre – the element of Fire, of course.  Her hair held the appearance of flames crackling and flaring up above her, and her skin burned red with the heat of a searing inferno within.  Everything in her path was destroyed, and only fueled her domination.  Pyre was the very emblem of all-consuming power.  Her sister, Nereid, was her complete parallel - as blue as the oceans, cool and fluid.  Cerulean tresses flowed behind her in waves that crashed softly against her shoulders, her body balmy and soothing, and translucent as the purest spring water.  She could comfort any pain, but strike fear in the hearts of enemies who would dare to oppose her with tempests that battered anything in their course.  These two sisters feuded relentlessly, each trying to prove to be the greater power, and almost destroying each other every time they bashed heads.  Their sisters, however, cared nothing for power.  They simply cherished to love all that was Terrene, and to be loved for it.  Zephyr was the element of the air, the voice of the wind, and the symbol of the skies.  She wore a flowing gown of cirrus clouds, swirling about her pale blue skin that seemed to emanate the sensation of a breath of fresh air.  Her dearly loved sister was named Incandescence, whose sole pleasure in her existence on Terrene was to shine.  Everything about her countenance dazzled and illuminated.  She brought truth to light in the world, and the energy to nurture and develop life.  These were the goddesses, The Elements.  Or so the legends say, written by the ancient ones over two millennia ago.

            The legends also say that these sisters, one day, became bored with lazing about Terrene by themselves.  So, they decided (in a meeting, which of course involved quite a bit of conflict and mayhem - and ended in a simple shrugging of their shoulders and some compromise), to create a breed of mortals.  They started with just four, each resembling a different goddess, and these mortals soon became a dynamic race of people that would become a great civilization on the continent of Ershin.  After a few generations of anarchy, Incandescence pointed out to her sisters that the Ershin people needed a ruler.  So, they chose two of the most honorable and devoted of their race to become the managers of those who lived in their blossoming populace.  These two, chosen by the goddesses, were King Venerat I and Queen Elarice.  Once reliable rulers were chosen, The Elements turned themselves to statues, and decided to hibernate for an indefinite amount of time.  They said, before turning themselves to marble, that they could only be awakened by the power given to the chosen Ershin leaders.

            Not many years later, a species of monkey soon began evolving naturally on another continent of Terrene, and became a race of humans, who, quite quickly, also developed a civilization.  They were hardy, determined creatures, and a rough-looking race; dark-skinned and hairy.  Upon discovering Ershin, they became envious of the nation’s natural superiority – and began trying their hardest to surpass the Ershin peoples in any way they could by constructing their own technology.  The humans bonded together and created the Grandian Empire, run by tyrant dictators who drove their people to the brink of exhaustion to discover the newest sciences and create the latest gadgets.  Mostly, the Grandians kept to themselves, because they always got utterly livid when they met an Ershin.

            Exactly 2,550 years after The Elements arrived to Ershin, 2,373 years after the original two rulers were appointed, and 1,827 years after the evolution of the humans, a princess was attempting to run away from an exceptionally dreary lecture.

17th-Aug-2007 11:00 pm - wooo! Wooooo! WoooOO! WOOOOOOOO!
I dunno. 

I's been back from Indiana/Chicago for a couple of days, now.  Funtimes were had.  Like throwing presents at each other, eating tentacles and funny little lobsters, oh, and peach-butts.  Ummm, discount DVD places, Japanese import stores, Jamba Juice, trains, the Chicago Art museum, and The Bean. 


Sis read us an amazing story she wrote on the way up.  I want to draw fanart of the whole thing.  It's soooo cute!
It inspired me to start writing an old story I started back in high school agian...but then I remembered why I stopped.  >.> All of my stuff sounds silly and stereotypical.  Oh wells.  I'll-a keep tryin'.

Here's a snippet of what hanging out at Chris' house was like. 
It's possibly the most idiotic, ridiculous thing I've created.  But it was fun.

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